A compost fiasco…

What an eventful evening at the garden!

What was supposed to happen:

  • 6:00 pm: Find a truck carrying compost for us from Teens4Good at the Swarthmore exit from the Blue Route
  • Lead it to the garden
  • Dump the compost
  • Leave

What actually happened:

  • 6:00 pm: Waited for half an hour unsure of how or where the truck would appear and what it would look like
  • Found the truck and led it to the garden
  • Decided to drive the truck over the basketball court and  into the grass in order to dump the compost on the grass, only to remember (too late, of course) that it had been raining recently.
  • Had a stuck truck on our hands. Tried pushing it. Tried sticking a discarded grill underneath the tires to give the truck traction. Tried dumping the compost to make the bed lighter.
  • Had an even more deeply stuck truck. Enter the supportive, but unsuccessful Public Housing police.
  • Call tow truck.

At this point, around 8:30 pm, the residents suggested that the three Swarthmore students head home. This could have been the end of the students’ adventure. But no. There had been a small switcheroo among the drivers, leaving Kavita driving a stick shift F-150 pick up truck. Unfortunately, Kavita does not have a very good relationship with this car. Skipping to the end…everyone is home safe and sound (including the truck driver). And, with the help of many boggled residents and their amused children, we accomplished our mission to lay out A LOT of compost for Saturday’s work day!


4 responses to “A compost fiasco…

  1. Wow….I’m speechless. Well done guys. I’m glad you’re still intact, kavita!!

    And you got the compost out, to boot.

    I can only imagine the scene at RLB, though.

    • There were three women and a small ocean of children. The kids did most of the work with the compost, once they got over the smell. We got back to campus and finished everything around 9.

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