Summer Swarthmore Cabin Fever

I should probably read previous posts for consistency, but oh well…

Moving on to the interesting bits, THE GARDEN, we have lots to talk about.

Tuesday- Eric and I had a meeting with the Robin, Donna, Carol, Louise (i.e. the tenants council) and tried to discuss with what exactly EJ/Swarthmore can do to make this garden successful. We were supposed to be flyering, but that had to wait because of thunderstorms. Who knew it rained/stormed that much in Philly?

We now have a point person for the residents, Louise, who is Carol’s cousin. She seems to be very invested in the garden and was more than happy to help us. Eric and I got escorted back to Swarthmore in a police car.

Well, that was certainly my first time in the back of a police car. Did you know that there is no way to open the door from the inside? The policeman has to come and open the doors for you… makes sense, but it was just very strange/exciting to be escorted back (I was a MVP for that night- driving back to Swat, tons of passing cars gave us the weird stare, which was pretty funny). The reason why the police escorted us was because Carol, the president of the tenant’s council, picked Eric and I up on the way to her granddaughter’s graduation, but no one could drive us back… thus, the police.

Saturday- Eric, Ross, and I went to the garden to weed/put out flyers. We had a mixed response from the residents on how much they were willing to commit. However, we do have two residents who are pretty gun-ho about making this garden a success- Bruce, Carol’s husband, and Louise, Carol’s cousin. I know, lots of family relationships- but all the residents seem to live in a pretty tight community.

Update on the onions- they don’t seem to be doing so well… well, we could use the green shoots for stir fry, but that’s probably it. We’ll have to water more for sure.

On to other news… calling for all previous gardeners. What exactly needs to be done on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly bases so that the garden is maintained/healthy? Furthermore, is it too late to plant seedlings?

Well, I’m pretty tired for now, so lots of love,


2 responses to “Summer Swarthmore Cabin Fever

  1. Sounds like you guys had an adventure. A couple of things:
    -As long as the onions are still alive, they’ll be okay. They grow their leaves first and then the bulbs will grow later (Ironically, I spent 8 hours Friday weeding onions).
    -Tasks throughout the summer: weeding (weekly, since there’s not much in the garden), watering (bi-weekly? twice a week), picking up trash (bi-weekly twice a week), perhaps clearing out the area by the wall for the mural?
    -Other things that its not too late to plant might include carrots (before July), turnips (August), beets (before August), snap beans (before August), radishes (August through September), spinach (August), peas (August), collards (early July), summer squash (by mid-July), cucumbers (by mid-July)

  2. Wow, what a way to kick off the summer!

    Just to clarify for watering and trash– that’s twice a week, not once every two weeks, right? (Of course, if it rains, that’s different)

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