High Hopes for Cantaloupes!

Hi all,

This is Jenny writing after a very successful day in the garden. While we had a little bit of a slow start, assistance from resident’s council representative Ms. Carol and Bennett Homes resident and volunteer extraordinaire Ms. Dolores helped us get rolling.

Today was CANTALOUPE day as you can see from the pictures. We planted two cantaloupes in the fourth plot as well as 2 rows of spinach in our 5th (and last, for now) plot. Then, during our snack break, our young volunteers got to try some cantaloupe as well–for some of our youngest volunteers, this was the very first time they had had cantaloupe. Believe us (and the pictures) when we say that it caught on quickly.

When Tahkeel, one of our most frequent garden volunteers, noticed that there were leftover seeds from the cantaloupe, he decided to experiment with planting them in the ground, to see what happens. So, with any luck, we will have three cantaloupes this harvest! If not, Tahkeel owes me a chocolate chip cookie ;-).

All in all, a very great day. We had two new kids join the gardening club–welcome to Joe-Joe and Jermaine! And even better, we had lots of great efforts from everyone all day, from weeding to tilling to watering plants (making several trips back and forth between the house and the garden) to cleaning up litter (two bicycle wheels, a baseball bat, and a very very wet t-shirt.)

We are also starting to see our first vegetables appearing–check out the tomato in the picture (which Lavar is still convinced is an apple.)

Until next week,


our first tomato sprout!

our first tomato sprout!

show me some canteloupe!

show me some canteloupe!

Adam and Dolores Hang the Garden Sign!

Adam and Dolores Hang the Garden Sign!

canteloupe 1Picture 011



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