We’re Blooming!

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay–here’s an update on our garden workday last week.

First of all–we’re in bloom! Our first sunflowers have started to open and our tomatoes are getting a little orange–normal considering how much rain we got this year.

Thanks to some help from our friends, gardening went beautifully this saturday. First, Jamie from Teens4Good came out to the garden with some of her high school gardeners and opened up FIVE new plots. Also, Philadelphia Green employee and friend of the Chester Garden Lisa Mosca came to meet with us and delivered a ton of new vegetable seedlings for the garden, including collard greens, brocolli, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. We planted about half of what she delivered last week in just under two hours, to give you a sense of the quantity. This week, we plan to plant the rest in a second new plot.

After all our hard work planting, we were ready for a break. As a surprise, the garden club got a chance to eat some of its own produce–the delicious basil we’ve been growing for over a month now–with some fresh tomatoes! It was a hit–even among the doubters–and everyone felt a sense of pride at reaping the benefits of what we had grown.

This week it has rained almost every day in philadelphia (proof that it isn’t really always sunny here) which I’m hoping will be good for our new transplants.

Looking forward to Saturday!



3 responses to “We’re Blooming!

  1. You guys ate tomatoes and basil!!! Sweet.

    Surprisingly, my mom is also growing some basil in our garden. (she also forgot to cut flowers, and i can attest now from personal experience that cutting the flowers is helpful to produce big leaves).

    Also, do we need to cut some of the flowers of the tomatoes? Just wondering…

    Keep me updated!

  2. Also, there was a nytimes article about how tomatoes this year are affected by blight this year. (something that we should be aware of)

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