A day full of surprises!

Hi all,

Last Saturday was another awesome awesome day of gardening–complete with lots of wonderful surprises!

First of all, our sunflowers have finally opened and are full of wonderful pollinators! They look BEAUTIFUL and are helping our garden to boot. Pictures are on their way.

Also, thanks to the calcium-enriching materials that Lisa brought us last week, our tomatoes are finally turning red. We can’t wait for them to ripen so everyone can enjoy fresh tomatoes (though some of our young gardeners remain unconvinced that tomatoes are the source of treats like pizza, spaghetti, and ketchup.)

Another surprise–turns out that melons and pumpkins flower, just like any other plant. Our melons have beautiful pink flowers on them, and our pumpkins have funny orange flowers. They are really fantastic to watch growing. The pumpkins, in particular, are really taking off!

But the biggest surprise of all, of course, was that it was Kavita’s 22nd birthday! We celebrated by eating delicious chocolate cupcakes that Kavita made–with a secret ingredient, to boot. After much guessing the gardening club (with help from Ms. Louise) finally figured out what the mysterious ingredient was: two fresh zucchinis! After they found that out, everyone was eager to take home a zucchini to snack on (I believe Fayana got to take home the zucchini, which she was excited to cook at home with her mother.) The rest of us enjoyed our second DELICIOUS cupcakes and spent the last minutes of the work day coloring beautiful pictures of our garden and birthday cards for Kavita.

Looking forward to tying up our tomatoes and planting some shade plants next week.



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