Rain rain go away…

The forecast for Chester on Saturday was 100% chance of precipitation all day. Surprisingly, it wasn’t raining when we got to the garden, but our gardners were not adventurous enough to come out. We had planned all sorts of arts and crafts for them, but it will just have to wait until next week. Jesse and I spent an hour “weeding” the beds instead, which was actually more like fishing. All our beds had at least an 1″ of water standing in them–one was even sporting algae. Hopefully our bok choy, brussel sprouts and cabbage are hardy. We should very seriously consider constructing some raised beds this winter and potentially planting berry bushes along the new fence to block all the water coming down the hill onto the garden…

In brighter news, we harvested our first tomatoes on Saturday! We left two red beauties (the bottom of a third was covered in a black rot) by Ms. Louise’s door–hopefully she finds them! Our lettuce also looks about ready to eat, maybe we’ll make salads for snack next week?



2 responses to “Rain rain go away…

  1. all of the pictures look really good! thanks so much for helping out during our transition stage kavi and jesse!

    be looking forward to seeing you guys soon

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