Rain, rain, go away!!!

So after months of petitioning for access to water through the Chester Water authority, we found ourselves in a situation no one quite expected–3 inches underwater. Many of our plants were lost to flooding, while others miraculously made it through–including one very tenacious bok choy! In light of imminent thunderstorms, we decided to spend a day engineering. We dug trenches about 2-3 inches deep to form a gutter around the perimeter of the garden, and used small channels to drain the water out. While it didn’t get rid of all of the water, our makeshift moats definitely helped drain most of the plots and will probably help salvage a number of our plants.

Today was also our first sunflower seed harvest!! Yaeir worked with our young gardeners to open up a few of our sunflower heads and pull the seeds out to roast. We also harvested lettuce and tomatoes, and enjoyed a peach snack to celebrate the end of summer.

A great work day, by all accounts! pictures to come!



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