Hey ya’ll,

We had an incredibly productive first day in the garden (also, incidentally, the first day of spring.) Thanks to a generous contribution by the Fizzano Brothers, a nearby contracting firm, we had a ton of cement blocks with which to build our first-ever raised beds. And, thanks to the amazing coordination skills of Norman Wise and Rick Goldstein at the CHA (not to mention their spectacular maintenance crew) the blocks made it to our little garden the day before–in just a few hours time–and to our delivery gate, no less. We’re in business.

We spent the day constructing our new raised beds–note the keyhole design, proposed by our expert engineering team (Zach, Blaine, and Jesse), for easy access to the beds. I think we lifted at least a ton each altogether! But the beds look great and next week we’ll be filling them with compost. Meanwhile, our young gardeners also helped us with digging foundations for the beds, arranging the cinder blocks, and transplanting our garden plants from last year to the beds we are using this year. They also helped pick up trash around the site, and made some snazzy name tags!

All in all, a great day–great weather, great turnout, and great results. Check out the time-lapse of our building process below…


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