1st of May, Water Day!

Saturday was a water day at the garden. By 10:30, it was already getting close to 90 degrees, and since our plants had been looking a little dry last week, we figured today was a great day to pull out the hose. Thanks to the Chester Housing Authority, we have permission to utilize the closest fire hydrant, but it took a little help from Miss Louise and handyman Victor before we could actually get it to work. Because the hose we were originally working with was just a little too short to water the plants directly, the kids took turns filling one-gallon water jugs and racing back and forth to water the plants that way, which was fun. Before long however, we had a longer hose ready to go, and water was spraying everywhere!

We were lucky enough to have Maya, Yaeir’s friend visiting from Delaware, who shared with us the proper way to water using a hose: spray it up into the air, and let it rain down on the plants gently. Although a couple people ended up getting watered just as thoroughly as the plants, I think it was a nice break for those who were already overheating!

We also planted a couple more seedlings – namely corn, and carrots. The kids took charge of beautifully writing labels on stakes, and sticking them in so we can identify what’s growing. “Kohlrabi” (a type of cabbage) turned into “cold rabe” somewhere along the way, but the accompanying illustrations next to the words should certainly clear things up! For snacktime we had apples, and some got to sample the kiwi that one baby in particular was gorging himself on. 🙂 While we were happily eating, I got to hear a couple answers to the big question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I’m proud to say we’ve got a budding teacher and a doctor in the group, with more than one undecided.

!!! Excellent.

Till next time (the last Saturday before summer?!),


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