A House Divided…will probably be pretty fun

Thanks to the incredible Lisa Mosca, we received several trays of tomato and pepper seedlings to plant in our rapidly crowded raised beds. Our tomato cages from the summer are back in action but we’re going to need many many more.

Fittingly we brought tomatoes and sweet peppers as snacks which everyone seemed to enjoy. The CHA left an extra hose in the shed so now we can finally reach everything and retire splashing our plants out of wheelbarrows. The plants are getting nice and big and the raspberry sticks are gradually leafing out more and more.

Other things: Samantha asked when we could plant cantaloupe. Ms. Louise thinks the garden is ready for some scarecrows. Javar came up with a neat idea of sticking empty plastic pots in the cement pockets to start seedlings. I saw some instances of the more experienced kids, on their own initiative, teaching the younger ones how to plant, which is a very hopeful sign.

An amusing development, two of our pioneer beds have been turned into “houses”. Donny even carpeted his “house” with hay, and as you can see above, he invited the rest of the kids in to have their snack break. Based on what happened to the beds over the summer, he should probably invest in some flood insurance. However, Donny decided no girls were allowed so the girls installed a hay floor next door and moved in, declaring it the Girl House. Looks like there’s some gendered competition blooming. This could probably be channeled productively. I think there’s already talk of a boys vs. girls planting relay race in the weeks ahead.

I’ll end with a picture of Donny pretending to be a tomato.



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