Harvesting The Forest

The sign is up! Trey looks like he’s participating in the hands-in group circle picture on the sign.

We had a smaller group this week consisting of Kimmy and the Donny, Trey, and Mymai sibling trio. Kimmy generously provided some beats, wandering around the garden the whole time playing music from a cellphone. Our densely packed beds, which Donny coined The Forest, looked ripe for harvesting so we munched on some lettuce leaves and later filled a bag with lettuce, chard, kale, and collards to take home to their parents.

We also used some extra cement blocks to demarcate the raspberry and blackberry bushes, which as you can see above, look fairly promising.

A couple of the sunflower seeds that we planted in the cement pockets for Mother’s Day are starting to sprout.

We bought a nozzle for the hose to avoid some of the collateral water spraying that occurs when the kids use their thumbs to control the water stream. I’m not sure if that worked. Naturally the kids wanted to test out all the spraying modes and for whatever reason they seemed to gravitate toward the jet stream.

The snacks this week were apples and oranges from Sharples. Trey now wants an apple tree in the garden. Donny was reluctant to see us go, he mentioned that the house next to Ms. Louise’s was empty and that we should move in.

This was probably my last gardening workday ever. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with everyone. I’m amazed by the transformation. Around this time last year, the garden consisted of four plots and we were just putting in some tomato and basil plants. Now there’s a fence, a shed, and a sweet looking raised bed structure overflowing with vegetables. I’ll definitely miss the preternatural way the kids just appear a few moments after we arrive, and on some days exponentially multiply by snack time. Best of luck to those moving forward. I’m excited to read about future developments.



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