Another Successful Saturday

First off, an apology for not updating last Saturday.  We did set up a new Flickr account this week though (thanks, KC!) so anyone looking to see what happened can see it documented through pictures (our screen name is The Chester Garden Project).  Anyway, we’ve been lucky to have two really great workdays in a row!  Today we didn’t have too much to do, but we did a lot of harvesting and the kids stayed really focused and on task so it was great.  There was a noticeable uptick in ripe veggies this week as compared to last week, and it was even almost more than we could handle! The day started off with a little weeding, and everyone did a  great job pulling up all the grass growing in between our broccolis and cheddar cabbage before getting to pick delicious tomatoes, green beans, and a lot of eggplant and sweet potatoes.   All this was happening with mowing going on in the background, as Donny, Trey and Lavar took turns pushing the lawnmower.  We stopped for snack (watermelon again – yum), and were pleasantly surprised when Andrew came down from the hill to visit!  We hadn’t seen him in awhile, but hopefully he’ll be around more this fall. Halfway through the day we switched things up by going to the lawn by the basketball courts to play some games while the hose got hooked up to the fire hydrant, and managed a couple races while others were watering.  We also learned a hand-clapping game (“Big Booty,” renamed “Zucchini”) although we haven’t quite mastered it yet, and finished up with a raucous game of Duck-Duck-Goose.

Highlights of this Saturday: distributing food so each kid got at least two pieces that they promised to eat and/or have their mothers cook, watching KJ and Yaeir (accidentally?) eat hot peppers, having a Swarthmore seminar class stop by during their tour of Chester, and setting up Captains for shed/tomato/watering duty next week.  The idea of Captains is something that we’re trying out in order to have a more constant and dependable structure each week, and to encourage early and active participation.  We’ll see how it goes!

Also, next week we’re potentially grilling eggplant… Stay tuned!

– N


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