An Experiment in Cooking

As you might have guessed from the title as well as from the teaser at the end of last week’s post, today’s garden day featured a lovely cooking demonstration/tasting, highlighting one special ingredient that we happen to have in abundance at the garden…eggplant! Unfortunately, it isn’t one of the most popular veggies growing in the garden so we decided to try and make it appealing and a little more kid-digestible.  As you can see in the pictures (Flickr! on the side column), the kids first dipped chopped up slices of eggplant in egg before rolling them in a flour and garlic powder mixture and handing them over to be fried on a little outdoor stove.  We’ve got some eggplant converts now, as most agreed it was delicious! For those who still didn’t like it as much, we also sampled a large cucumber from the garden, and filled ourselves up with many, many apple slices.  This was a couple of the kids’ first time cooking, so that was exciting. I think everybody was very proud of their efforts and enjoyed getting to taste the fruits of their labor!

Before cooking, there was also a full day of gardening.  Our newly instituted “captains” system seemed to work out well – kids had gardening, watering and shed duty covered.  Highlights: Kira(?) picked a sweet potato for the first time today (she reported back that her Dad was very impressed with her), Navage (at 2 yrs old) has learned how to work the hose and water the plants all by himself, and Donny masterfully directed others in cleaning out the shed (after it got broken into again – a not-so-high-light).  Also, Kimmy came for a visit after an extended absence, and it was Laniya’s 10th birthday!  Lots of things happening, but the day went off without a hitch.

Looking forward to next week!

– N


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