Field Trip!

We broke from routine today, and ventured outside of our garden limits with the kids for the first time this fall! Last week we got an invitation from Miss Louise to go check out Mr. Mike’s garden up the hill, since he would be harvesting a huge pumpkin, and we gladly took them up on the offer this week. Mr. Mike, of water ice fame, is known for maintaining the community garden just a few blocks away, so we headed up the hill with a couple kids once they had received permission from their parents.

The garden up there is absolutely beautiful.  There were a lot of kids milling around, scooping out pumpkin seeds from their own small pumpkins, and there were a couple of really big pumpkins just waiting to be carved and/or made into pies.  We got a tour of the regular garden, and Mr. Mike spoke to us about his vision of making it into even more of a community hang out than it already is.  He was also nice enough to treat us to hot dogs before we went back down the hill again – to work on making the Ruth L. Bennett Homes garden just as lively and fruitful!

Once back in their garden, the kids got to work picking tomatoes, and getting to know some of the local wildlife. We discovered a gigantic spider, many enormous grasshoppers, lots of pesky bugs, and a ton of caterpillars! The caterpillars have been busy this past week munching on our lettuce; unfortunately, most of it seems to have disappeared overnight.  The sweet potatoes remained unharmed though, and those got distributed well.  We were also lucky enough to be joined by two of the older kids in the neighborhood, who took a small tour of our garden, and there were a couple more hanging around who have the potential to be great helpers.  We’re really looking forward to drawing new people in, and will hopefully get to work with them more in the coming year.  For now, we have many ideas about how to make this garden into a bigger and even better production, and thanks to Mr. Mike we have plenty of inspiration to help us get there.

As a reminder, our captains for next week are Laniya (on sweet potatoes), Tanye (on shed/water duty), and Vanay (on tomatoes).  See you then!

– N


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