Grocery Shopping

Hello! Sorry for not updating last week, but we didn’t get a chance to visit the garden on Saturday since it was our college’s fall break.
The changing seasons were really apparent today. It’s legitimately fall! We started work a little chilly due to the strong wind, but luckily it let up as the day went on. The kids were all bundled up and well prepared to deal though, and didn’t let it get in the way of harvesting tomatoes and sweet potatoes. We even had a visitor (Miss Doreen) come by the garden, having heard about our produce, and pick up some sweet potatoes. There were plenty to go around once we were through sticking our hands into the dirt to find them, and one enterprising gardener had us all go to the imaginary “Grocery Store” to “buy” them from her.
We played two games this week, Red Light Green Light, and a new one called Cow. They both went well (despite various allegations of cheating :)), and the kids worked up an appetite. We ate apples again, and learned a cool trick from Yaeir about how to break them in half – with bare hands! Harder than it looks. Next week we’re looking forward to having a different snack: salad prepared by Hakeira and Laniya. They said they made one last week using ingredients from the garden (tomatoes, hot peppers) plus tuna, so we’re…excited? nervous? to taste it for ourselves.

Till next week!
– N


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