Tuna Thyme

We accomplished a LOT yesterday. I’m just going to do a quick rundown of some of the jobs we had going, which included:

– Ripping up? (I’m at a loss for a more technical term) the grass growing by the fence, and creating a wide path of dirt to border 3 sides of the garden.  The turf came up in strips, which the kids had fun rolling and then tossing to the side.
– Digging large holes every foot or so in that newly exposed dirt, which proved to be a work out.
– Filling wheelbarrows up with compost and bringing them over to the holes.
– Filling the holes up with a mix of compost and regular soil.
– Planting the perennials, which included lavender, thyme and mint, and blackberry bushes too!
– Regular harvesting of veggies
– Watering

Each of the kids worked on at least one of these tasks, and most did many more than one over the course of the day.  We stayed until at the garden until about 3 o’clock, making it an unusually long workday.  Luckily, we had two snacks to keep us going – apples at noon, and SALAD around two!

Laniya and the rest of the Salad Girls (all around 9 yrs old) made us a delicious tuna salad with vegetables from the garden, as promised (see last written post).  When we didn’t see them by 11 o’clock we assumed they weren’t coming, but luckily we were wrong!  They showed up just a little bit later, and when reminded of their promise they immediately got to work cutting carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers and hot peppers (we provided the tuna, celery, mayonnaise and mustard, as per their request), demonstrating careful and immutable cooking prep and chopping skills. Many of the kids got involved, and it turned out to be a much larger affair than anticipated, which was great.  They dished out large portions of the oddly colorful creation, and it was (surprisingly?) yummy! Everyone agreed that the hot pepper added a nice little kick at the end.

The last part of our workday involved unloading a borrowed truck with wood boards and piling them right next to our shed. We’re going to use them next week to create a border around our new plants and hopefully protect them a little bit. We’re learning from our mistakes! (RIP raspberries…)

Thanks go out to Alexa Ross for letting us use her truck, and to Xavier and Yaeir for making the trek out to North Philly to pick up the wood.

Hopefully pictures up soon, so check back. Flickr pictures are up!

Till next week!



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