Game Day

There isn’t much left growing in the garden now (except for rhubarb), so as a result we spent most of yesterday playing games.  Our only real task was to put up stakes for the raspberries, and string them with garden wire/tape to train them to grow upwards.  Jesse and Ariel patiently explained how to tie the garden tape around the string before encircling the raspberries, and then the little gardeners tried it out for themselves.  Eventually, however, the lure of the double dutch (jump rope) game going on at the basketball court proved too strong and the group went to check it out.

For those of you who haven’t tried it, double dutch is extremely tricky to learn (or re-learn, in my case).  It’s exhausting, but the girls kept it up for quite a while and got many other kids to join in during our snack time (apples again).  We came back together to play a couple games of “Blob tag” before moving on to a game called “Wizards, Dragons and Knights” that turned out to be a little too complicated for even some of the adults.  Even so, the kids had fun running back and forth.

After scattering more rye in the raised beds to grow over the winter, we ended with the traditional passing of the pulse (a squeeze circle), and reminded all the kids about our end-of-the-season party, happening next week!  (11 a.m., at the Ruth L. Bennett Homes Community Center.)

Hope to see everyone there!

– N


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