Newsflash – Garden Party a Success!

There was a garden party yesterday! Forgive the lack of updates this season, but rest assured we’re going strong. To backtrack a bit…

Starting in early March, we’ve been gardening once a week (weather permitting), and taking fieldtrips on Wednesdays over to the Booker T. Community Center to make a sign to hang outside the garden.  We unveiled it yesterday at the gardening party at the Bennett Homes, which was a blast!  There was music, food, horses, flag-drawing, and dirt-hauling all going on, with upwards of 100 people gathered at times.

Many thanks to all who came, and to all those who contributed! Special shout-out to the Chester Housing Authority, the Chester Community Mural Program, and the Amish farmers who generously lent us use of their horses to till the land, about tripling the space we have to grow food on.

Check out the event write-up in the DelCo Daily Times here:

Photos and a more thorough recap of the event will be posted soon!  Photos from Saturday are favorited in our Flickr account, found in the column on the right.

Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s day!


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