Closing up the Beds

The past two weeks have been absolutely beautiful- we couldn’t ask for better days! We’ve been able to get a ton of work done thanks to the weather, so bear with the long post!

We’ve finally finished harvesting the last surviving crops over the past two weeks- a yellow squash or two managed to survive, along with some chard and our ever-abundant supply of onions. Most of the onions were unfortunately too old to take home to cook with, but everyone really enjoyed playing chef and chopping them up with a trowel. Some kids even made up “soup,” mixing the chopped onions, some roots, dirt, and pieces of apple skin from snack time (luckily nobody tried to eat it)!

Most of our time has been spent digging up all the plants left in the beds and turning over the soil. We’ve successfully cleared out all of the round beds and put down some seed for our cover crop.

all cleaned up and ready for next season

We’re also close to finishing cleaning up the back beds where the potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant were planted. In the process of pulling out the plants, we learned a little bit about roots and how important they are for the plant to get water and nutrients from the ground to grow.

garden teamwork to pull up the stubborn plants!

Take a look at the transformation! Our beds are almost completely ready for the winter.


and after!











We’ve also brought some wooden pallets to garden, thanks to the Swarthmore Department of Grounds, and we’re working to use them to create a compost bin for all the plants we’ve pulled up. We’ll hopefully have that together by the beginning of December! Pictures to come…

This past weekend, we also made garden art. Everyone went around and collected grass, flowers, dirt, berries, and fallen leaves from around the garden. We used glue to assemble all the found objects on pieces of paper- making collages and pictures of the garden. We even found out we could dye the paper a nice purple by rubbing the berries on it.

We ended the day with a game of duck-duck-goose, to continue our new tradition of ending the work day with a fun game.

We’ll be missing this next weekend because of Thanksgiving, but we’ll be back the first week in December to finish up the garden work and make some more progress with our compost bins.

Don’t forget to check out our Flickr for more pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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