Spring cleaning!

We’ve recently returned to the garden to start our 2012 season! Over the past few weeks we’ve taken advantage of the unusually warm weather to do some garden clean-up.

Our garden shed finally got a thorough reorganization. It was really amazing to see how much equipment we’ve accumulated over the past few years- including an impressive collection of wheelbarrows and hoses, which we piled on the grass so we could hose down the shed.


Ramon helped us use our new circular saw to build some shelves for the inside of the shed, too.


The raised beds have also been getting their pre-planting preparation: pulling up grass, turning over cover crop, weed-whacking, and admiring our fine garden worms, of course!



Next up is getting some plants and seeds in the ground! We’re also excited to start working with some older (high-school aged) members of the community in a new youth cooperative this season, thanks to the Project Pericles grant from the Lang Center of Swarthmore College. Updates to come soon!


Happy spring from the Chester Garden Project!


2 responses to “Spring cleaning!

  1. Woohoo!! So excited to see you all kick off the fourth (fifth??) year of the garden! And also excited to see Ms. Louise is still holding it down out there.

    You all rock!


  2. Hooray for the start of the spring season! I’m so happy the shed finally got a good cleaning- it looks SO organized!! Everything looks so wonderful- I hope this season goes well!

    Love and miss you all!

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