Summer Gardening Begins!

The past few weeks at the garden have been beautiful and busy – we’ve built 6 new beds already, and are getting ready to build some more!

We had open garden work parties last Thursday and Friday, and adults and kids joined in to help build new beds, fill them with dirt, and begin planting our new crop – tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and basil so far. We’re getting ready to plant some sweet potatoes and raspberries, too. The garden was overflowing with people and new plants, and we got in a few games of freeze tag as well as a lot of hard work constructing all those new beds.

We dealt with the heat last week by taking turns watering the plants (and one another). The storms this Friday came just in time to help water our newly planted tomatoes.We did a ton of work this weekend too – taking apart the old cinderblock beds, constructing new ones from wood, filling them with wheelbarrows full of dirt, and finally, starting the next round of planting.

We’ve also been busy harvesting all the greens we planted earlier this spring. Almost everyone who came to the garden to help out left with a bag full of kale, lettuce, cabbage, or collards. And of course, greens are excellent for camouflaging with.

After long days of building, planting, and shoveling on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we snacked on some delicious watermelon to celebrate. Later this summer, we’ll be eating watermelon we grew ourselves.  We’re excited for a busy new growing season and all of our new planting space, so check back for updates soon!


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