Garden Construction!

This past week has been full of garden activity – building even more beds, watering our newly planted watermelon, and getting ready for our soon-to-be delivered shipping containers! We just ordered two 40-ft shipping containers, so we’ve been preparing the ground just outside the garden fence for them. That meant leveling the ground, and constructing concrete posts for the containers to stand on. We have plans to add windows and doors, possibly experiment with a rooftop garden, and turn one of the containers into a produce stand.

We also spent a lot of time last week (with help from some first-time garden visitors!) leveling our new beds, filling them with dirt, and then planting sweet peppers, okra, eggplant, and watermelon. We had another open gardening afternoon on Friday. Highlights: Akirah gave a tour of the garden to her cousins and we all helped plant a few small potted herbs – parsley, mint, and oregano.

We also just got a new delivery of wood, and we’re excited to begin constructing special, narrow beds for our raspberry plants, and then doing some more planting. We’ve been in the garden just about every day, so stop by whenever you can to join in, and check back here soon for more photos!


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