Fall Reflections

Fall at the garden this year has been all about sweet potatoes.  Everybody had tons of fun digging in the dirt to find the largest ones they could, and we filled a large basket many weeks in a row.  Just when we thought they had to be done, we found another whole basketful when we dug up the beds!


We also had tomatoes (so many tomatoes!), peppers, and eggplant until mid-October, and those berry bushes we planted in the summer began producing the most delicious raspberries.  Every week, one of the first things we would do upon arriving to the garden was go look for the few ripe raspberries we could pick and eat immediately.


We planted one more round of greens at the end of October, and by the beginning of December they were ready to harvest and by far the most amazingly tender, fresh, crisp, sweet kale and collards I have ever eaten.  All the neighbors who took them seemed to think so too, as it was easy to get rid of a large bag after knocking on only a few doors.


At the end of November, we had our annual end-of-season pizza party, complete with decorate-your-own-certificate, mask-making, and pizza creating.  We had a pretty good turnout, with lots of old and new faces, and a lot of parents too!  Check out more pictures on our Flickr!

Chopping garden peppers

Chopping garden peppers

Everyone with their certificates!

Everyone with their certificates!



All in all we are very happy with how distribution has gone this fall.  Each week we have been able to give away nearly everything we harvested and people seem excited to be receiving the produce.  When people answer their doors, the likelihood they take vegetables is pretty high.  We’ve have had a number of great conversations with people about food they are going to make with the vegetables, or how happy they are to be receiving them because they are not otherwise able to obtain them. Looking toward the spring, we are hoping to build on this increase in interest and recognition in the immediate neighborhood of the garden by really kickstarting a regular distribution schedule.  We’re hoping to get some teens biking around the further reaches of the Bennett with our new BIKE CART! that looks something like this:august2

So our big project for the winter is getting some old bikes all fixed up and ready to go.  We’re hoping people will stop by to fix up their own bikes as well.  We’re all in the process of learning about bikes together, so if you know a lot feel free to give us some tips!

That’s all for now, we hope you all have nice holidays and enjoy the new year.  We’ll be back in the garden January 26th to work on bikes and do some arts and crafts!



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