Greenhouse Progress


Thanks to Terrence’s masterful plastic rigging skills, the greenhouse has nearly been completed. The roof and side walls are complete which has allowed us to move seedlings inside the structure.  Terrence fashioned a series of tables from scrap plywood for the seedling trays to rest on and we can now officially claim to have our very own nursery. Despite the absence covering on the front and back sides of the greenhouse, the thin plastic traps heat remarkably well making the inside noticeably warmer than the outside temperature. This will be most important, of course, during the fall and winter months when outdoor conditions become inhospitable for growing. 

The next phase of the greenhouse project will involve more seeding tables inside and installing the water storage containers. We are in the process of obtaining a number of 275 gallon capacity IBC totes that will reside underneath the sprout table to store collected rainwater.  The cubical containers will sit side by side so that the overflow from one feeds into the next in in the row.  Using a pump, we will then be able to supply water to our irrigation system for the outdoor raised beds.

Once the interior contents are all in place we will cover the front and back sides of the structure.  The same plastic sheeting will be used, but the front side will also have a hinged door. Plastic on the front and back will also be able to roll up from the bottom to let airflow through the greenhouse, allowing for finer regulation of the inside temperature.


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