A Visit From the Trinity Youth Group


Over the past two days were lucky to have about thirty volunteers from the Trinity Youth Group in Soleybury, PA help out with a number of different projects on the farm. The group displayed great enthusiasm and positivity despite the sweltering heat and physicality of the work. Volunteers split into three different teams, each of which tackled a different project.  One group tended to the blueberry bushes on the hillside which needed a thorough weeding job and an additional layer of mulch to be laid.  By the end of two long days, innumerable wheelbarrow trips and millions of shovelfuls of wood-chips, the patch of 160 blueberry bushes looked like a work of landscaping artistry. Without saying any one of the three teams worked harder than the others, the blueberry bush crew certainly put in an extraordinary effort on their task.


Another one of teams worked on building a structure to contain a vermicompost pile in the the shaded northern corner of the children’s garden. This project entailed a significant amount of difficult trenching in soil that turned out more resistant to the task than expected. The trenches would serve as groves for sinking in the structure’s walls (made of palettes). Large roots and rocks hindered the progress of digging, but eventually the palettes were set and Team Compost declared victory.


The third team built new nursery tables which will allow us to house more seedlings inside the greenhouse. This group also built a lower “teaching table” that will hold a layer of soil and serve as a demonstration plot for seed and germination lessons with children.


The last work crew took on the retrofitting of the trellis in the children’s garden with a new roof to provide shade and rain cover.    New 2×4 beams were first added to the existing structure before strapping down corrugated plastic panels at a slight angle to direct rainwater down to one side. Once completed, the the new roof looked terrific and standing underneath brought noticeable relief from the beating rays of the sun.  This new addition will undoubtedly prove to be a coveted asset to the garden especially for the remainder of these hot summer months.


We are deeply grateful for the goodwill Trinity Youth Group and for all the hard work they contributed on the farm. Without their help, it would have taken weeks to complete all the projects they tackled in only a couple days.  We look forward to having them out to the farm again soon!


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