Market Day at the Community Hospital!


Today we took part in the monthly Food Trust  at the front entrance of the Crozer-Keystone Community Hospital on 9th St.  We were joined by one other farm from New Jersey and an AmeriCorps worker from the Food Trust who provided an EBT machine for customers to use their SNAP or ACCESS cards. Thanks to the the steady flow of foot traffic in and out of the hospital, many Chester residents stopped by our stand to buy some of our fresh produce and ask about our farm. In preparation for the market we performed an early morning harvest of tomatoes, snap peas, kale, zucchini, collards and squash.  We were delighted to see most of our produce pass into the hands of vegetable-loving customers. This was our first larger scale market operation and overall it felt very successful. We picked up some market presentation tips from our neighboring farmers who came prepared with tablecloths, woven display baskets and hand-drawn pricing labels, all of which combined to give their stand a rustic and inviting feel. By contrast, we sold our veggies directly from the plastic harvest bins in which they had been collected from the farm and could only boast about our chalkboard sign on the decoration front.

In total, we sold about 20 pounds of produce, reaching 13 customers.  We are very excited about this monthly marketplace organized by the Food Trust and look forward to the next sale on August 6th! Hope to see you there!


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