Groundwater Harvesting

IMG_9044The development of functional infrastructure continued as Tyler and Terrence equipped the 46 newly built raised beds with piping, hose and drip irrigation. The raised beds and blueberries can now be watered simultaneously from the hydrant and the children’s garden has an line as well. The greenhouse now has a sustainable water source inside the greenhouse. Thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of the kids from programming, Tyler and Terrence there is  275-gallon Rain barrel elevated on top of a cemented cinder block platform. There is a perforated barrel in the ground directly underneath the raised barrel, whenever it rains we will be able to collect the groundwater that collects on the edge of the greenhouse. We have 55 gallon totes that will hold reserves of water just underneath the benches. Having a reliable source of water inside the greenhouse will make it easier to manage the young plants inside the greenhouse.


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