The Nia Center Comes to Visit 

On the 22nd the Nia Center free camp came to take a farm tour and make smoothies with some ingredients grown at the farm. there was a group of 15 children ranging from grades 2 – 7 and there were several of our regular attendees from programming interacting with one another. Terrence led a tour of the grounds, speaking about what was growing in the beds encouraging the students to try blueberries, blackberries tomatoes and even raw kale, the kids didn’t need too much convincing, as many were familiar with the selection and eager to try farm fresh produce. During the tour, Jessie, Arlo, Nick and Tyler prepared the ingredients for the smoothies and worked with program kids. Everyone loved the smoothies prepared by Allyson, the event organizer from the Nia Center. Each of our guest were given a tomato to take home with them to share with their families. Many of the Nia Center campers are in close proximity to the Farm and were interested in coming to visit again. We hope that we left a lasting impression on today’s group and they spread the word that the farm is here and open to sharing similar experiences with the community of Chester.


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