End of season festivities

Cold weather has finally arrived in Southeastern PA, so we’ve been busy at the garden wrapping up this season and preparing for winter!

Last weekend we had our second annual end-of-season pizza party. It was snowing/sleeting basically all day- appropriate end of gardening weather! We were definitely all glad to be in the community center for the afternoon, but the cold slush made it difficult to round everyone up and kept us from gathering some final produce (greens, onions, and peppers) for pizza toppings.

Nonetheless- pizza was made and consumed! Many thanks to Peace-a-Pizza for the delicious dough.

shaping pizza crustpizza assembly line

In addition to pizza, we had arts and crafts and certificate decorating to thank the garden crew for “Outstanding participation in each garden activity, great cooperation and teamwork with all other gardeners, and a fabulous willingness to try new things everyday.”

fresh out of the oven2011 garden certificate

Thankfully this weekend was quite a bit warmer and beautiful for gardening. The slushy snow did in a lot of the remaining eggplant, squash, and tomato plants, but we were able to get in a last harvest of produce. We dug up sweet potatoes, picked a ton of greens and onions, and even found the last few eggplant and peppers. We got a start on clearing out the beds and getting things ready for winter, but we still have a lot of work to do!

the day's collectionloading up the wheelbarrow

We did our usual spin around the Bennett with produce in a wheelbarrow, then came back to the garden for apples and clean-up. After our work was done for the day, we ended with a fun round of freeze tag, at the request of Akirah.

snack time

Stay tuned for updates about our winter activities- and check out our Flickr for more photos from the past couple of weeks!


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